Profusion Group is a company dedicated to the development, investment and asset management in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. The firm’s target markets are concentrated in the Caribbean and North Latin America (LACAR) with a primary emphasis in the Dominican Republic.

Through its highly qualified professional team, Profusion Group seeks to generate value in each of its activities, thus maximizing risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Profusion Group made up of visionaries wanting to spread knowledge around the countless investment opportunities that exist in the Dominican Republic. With dedicated effort and extensive, diverse resources, we are focused on attracting foreign investors to contribute to the development of the Dominican Republic.

Each expert provides the world with relevant, accurate, up-to-date information hoping to help those interested in investing abroad. Day by day our leadership and teams monitor and report on what is happening, and what will happen, surrounding events that impact the economy of the Dominican Republic.

We are leaders with a deep understanding of foreign investment and having mastered the process, we know how to get you started successfully. Our goal is to put the Dominican Republic on the global radar for investment potential, opening the door for revolutionary negotiations and breaking down borders.

We are motivated by the many natural resources the country has to offer and the overall policy of openness toward foreign investors, plus, the charismatic attitudes of the people make theDominican Republic a pleasant environment for investing. We are dedicated to contributing to the economic development of the country by promoting direct foreign investment.